Fri Jul 10, 2020

7/10/2020 - WOD

50 Walking Lunges
40 GHD Sit-ups
30 Alt. Pistols

50 Walking Lunges
40 AbMat GHD Sit-ups
30 Box Pistols/Elevated Back Lunges

Stimulus - After yesterday’s taxing DT, today we are doing a quick gymnastics workout.  The goal is a sprint. The Walking Lunges will be done in less than 1 min. for most people, the GHD Sit-ups in around 2 min., and the Pistols in another 2 min. - around 5 min. - 7 min TOTAL!

Scoring -  Time to complete the workout.

Scaling - 
Walking Lunges: Ideally, there is no need to scale these, but if they do, scale the reps to 40 and/or modify to something that appropriately retains the workout stimulus.
GHD Sit-ups: Scale ROM first, then scale to AbMat Sit-ups or MB Sit-ups. The goal should be 10 unbroken each set.
Pistols: Scale to Supported Pistols (Box/hold on for support) or Elevated Backward Step Lunges. The goal here should be at least 6-8 unbroken per set.
AbMat GHD Sit-ups: Scale to regular Sit-ups.

Warmup    ~ 20 mins                            
(10+ min.) Warm-up
With a light-moderate pair of DBs, perform:

    - Jog 100 m
    - 10 Air Squats
    - 10 Sit-ups
    - Jog 100 m
    - 10Lying DB Extensions Overhead with 1 DB
    - 10 Walking Lunges
    - Jog 100 m

(10-15 min.) GHD Work (in partners)

     1. P1 holds a Superman on the GHD for 1 min. while P2 performs AMRAP of Kneeling Superman
                * The ideal position for the supine Superman is body parallel to the ground - THIS IS HARD!
     2. P1 performs Back Extensions while P2 performs AMRAP Dead Bugs slow and controlled)
     3. P1 performs GHD Sit-ups for 1 min. (start with half ROM and then work up to full ROM if you think it’s appropriate) while P2
         performs AMRAP Candlesticks

Workout Prep & Workout    ~ 35 mins                   
(10 min.) Prep for the Pistols and the Workout
Review progressions for the Pistol - box/band around rig/band around j-hooks/holding foot

     - 10 reps of their first progression
     - 10 reps of their second progression

(5-10 min.) Perform the Workout