• Unlimited access to CrossFit classes and Bodybuilding section.

Nutrition and Programm...

  • Nutrition and Programming for Non-CFBC members

12 month pre-paid memb...

  • This membership will bill $1080.00 for the full 12 months and is non-refundable.

12-Month Unlimited Plan

  • Unlimited access to CrossFit Classes and Bodybuilding section.

Weightlifting Only

  • Access to weightlifting only. No access to CrossFit classes.

E1-E3 Military Unlimit...

  • Reduced rate for active duty E1 through E3. Valid ID card to get special rate.

Nutrition Plan Non-CFB...

  • Personalized Nutrition Programming for Non-CFBC members. The $30 setup fee is a one-time fee and only applies for the first month.

Unlimited Monthly Plan

  • Unlimited membership. Full access to CrossFit classes and bodybuilding section

6-Month Unlimited Plan

  • Unlimited access to CrossFit classes and Bodybuilding section. Paid in a 6-month pacakge


  • This membership allows you to participate in the Olympic training sessions put on by ONG Fitness only. This does not include any CrossFit or BootCamp classes, or any other special classes held at CFBC.

Nutrition Guidance Plan

  • This plan will help you practice healthy food alternatives, spacing meals evenly throughout the day, meal-prepping and general nutrition guidance.  This plan begins with a "base plan" and, upon confident completion, a personalized plan is set up for you with portions and foods specific to your body type and health goals.  


  • This monthly membership allows athletes to attend both QuickFit and BootCamp classes ONLY.

    BootCamp classes are:
    • 1 hour long
    • 9:00-10:00am AND 7:00-8:00pm Tuesday/Thursday ONLY
    • Group-led by a certified fitness coach
    • High-Intensity, Interval Training (HIIT)
    •  Aimed at metabolic conditioning & fat burning

    QuickFit classes are:
    • 30 minutes long - that's it!
    • 12:00-12:30pm AND 12:30-1:00pm EVERYDAY
    • Group-led by a certified fitness coach
    • Strategically programmed to burn MAXIMUM calories in MINIMUM time
    • Equipped with showers - to get you all cleaned up and back to work within your lunch hour

Attendance Packs / Punch Cards

LHO (Lift Heavy Often) Seminar - June 29, 2019

  • 1 Attendance Pack

    4-hour Olympic lifting seminar with Elijah Muhammad held at CrossFit Controlled Chaos.

10 Class Punch Card

  • 10 Attendance Pack

    10 Class Punch Card